In-Game feedback survey

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Positive first!

Good to see that you are trying to poll the active player base to get everyone involved!

It failed for me. I rotated my phone to better read the text and it reloaded the whole thing and told me I had already participated.

Feedback (Keeping it Short-ish):

Update 8.0 was a huge step back in playability of the game. Disregarding the obvious change in gameplay as that is pure preference.
Despite attempts to streamline and make materials more readily available. Progression is completely impossible in tier 5 & 6 without using gems.
The lowered amount of free energy on top of increasing energy cost and low drop rates means getting a single character from 0 to tier 6 maxed takes at least 2-3 months IF you spend all your resources farming materials and buying from the exchanges.
To do this you will forfeit getting tokens from elite battles.

No progression = no fun.


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    Hey @Hexar - Yeah, we noticed that about the survey and we're going to look for ways to improve that in the future. 

    Much appreciated on the feedback! :) 
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