Update 1/8/2020

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Hello Summoners! 

  • Jack Sparrow is back as a reward for Club Conquest - Tinker Bell has been removed 
  • Removed ability for Summoners to request/donate Full pieces of T3-T6 Gear
  • Charmed characters with chain effects no longer chain hit the user’s characters
  • Yzma’s "Smash It With a Hammer" – Bug fixed that prevented Kronk from not assisting
  • Yzma’s “Potent Potion” – Bug fixed that prevented passive from activating
  • Ariel Tower of Endurance bug has been fixed
  • Fixed Captain Hook’s Clone from Peter’s Shadow spell
  • Helpful Immunity debuff working as intended now
  • Updated Speed stat description
  • Updated Haste and Slow description
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