Outlands needs you

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• Level 15+
• Be active within Guild Dungeon and Conquest.
• Daily activity would be appreciated but we understand with everything going on if you miss a day or 2.
• Have fun and be nice to eachother.

We're an active club that has existed since early beta. Our roster consists of friendly and helpful players from all over the world. Some of us strive to rank high in Grand Arena, while others just play for fun. We hope that our club can make the game a better experience for you! Feel free to drop questions below.

We have a discord server and would like it if you joined but can understand if you don't want to for right now.

How to find us?
Check for Outlands in Club search or Contact Vel#4959 and send a friend request on Discord.


  • CaptAwesomeCaptAwesome Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    I just sent a friend request. Downloaded the game last night and so far I like it. reminds me of SWGOH and Marvel Strike Force. Currently lvl 17 F2P working on climbing the ranks of pvp but, slowly. Trying to do things smart by building up toons and climbing slowly or til I get a stud toon. Current Sorcerer's Tournament rank is 7042 with a team power of 800
  • VelVel Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    Hey dude send a friend request to me over on discord and il put you in the guilds server we are currently full from all the requests
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