Tournament Shouldn't Have a Timer

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The tournament timer has never had a proper reason to exist. It isn't real time PvP, there's no reason to rush the player. Let us take our time and think instead of stressing us out by forcing us to respond as quickly as possible.

For me, the game is very slow while playing ST. I've been caught in a loop of my characters only using their basic attacks before, and it is very frustrating for the game to be completely unresponsive while I lose a match I easily should've won. A clubmate of mine has said they've experienced this too. Please, please remove the timer. No one likes it.


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    Sorcerer's Tournament = Placement PVP against Set Defense teams (Not Real Time)
    PvP Arena = Trophy hunting with PvP real time if you catch a real player queueing with you :) 

    Hope that helps

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