Remove ads for the paying player base

BelaarBelaar Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
To get the most out of the game ads need to be watched, this is regardless of how much one might spend on VIP cards, Passholder Passes or items. I don't mind having a free to play option which is funded by ad revenue but the common practice is to remove ads once you choose to pay. My suggestion is to make everything which is now ad based freely available for those holding VIP cards.

Ad chests
These can be baked into the 4 hour or 24 hour chests with increased rewards for VIP card holders.

Diamond daily quests
These can be added on top of the daily gems in the inbox.

The extra energy from watching ads and temporarily increasing energy regeneration could be incorporated in a few different ways. Here are my ideas:
1. Let the energy be regenerated in a faster, constant speed than for players without the VIP cards.
2. Send free energy in the same way as the free diamonds.

Ad funded extra turn in Club Dungeon
Let VIP players have 5 turns in total instead of the current 4.

Ad funded cooldown removal in Sorcerer's Tournament:
Remove the cooldown altogether, just as with the Summoner Challenges

I very much hope for dev consideration since my daily routine now includes going through around 25 ads for a service that I pay around $50/month for, which is sort of ridiculous.


  • CasterspelloCasterspello Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    Agree 100%
  • IcehandIcehand Registered Users, Member 8 Posts
    I don't know that I whole heartedly agree, because I'll always watch ads for certain things.  I mean they do give us more Club Dungeon attempts for VIP.  If you are asking for an additional, that's one thing, but the ad earned attempt is still a bonus (if you choose) on top of however many extra they give us for VIP.

    I am replying because I would like to see more VIP goodies like sorcerer's tourney cooldown reduced and extra energy for VIP.   As far as I'm concerned they can keep the ad bonus' because that's always optional, but they should look at increasing the underlying VIP value with energy and honestly, I'd be ok if you want to ad extra ad attempts for VIPs.  Let me watch 2 adds for 2 addition club dungeon attempts on VIP, I don't care.
  • DullaranDullaran Registered Users, Member 32 Posts
    How many ads put in the game I’ll watch, it’s a way for us to get things beyond what we pay. Like icehand said ... we get 1 more try in the club's dungeon and + 1 for the ads. it's different, you can buy 1 more attempt with the vip and +1 with ads, a total of 2 more attempts per day.

    What they can do is a separate package: "no ads" that when you buy it you earn daily the benefits that are gained by seeing them. Remember that today these benefits are not included with the VIP, they are the part ... the way things are costly in this game I think it is very difficult for them to be incorporated in the VIP, they will create a separate package
  • BelaarBelaar Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    I'm afraid I can't really follow the arguments of Icehand and Dullaran. Someone please clarify.

    They say the ads benefits are a separate perk from the VIP, which I of course acknowledge. It seems however they which to keep it this way because... It's separate? Seems kind of circular to me. What am I not getting?

    I am proposing a system where these perks are not separate since I really don't see a point to it. Being a VIP it follows quite naturally that you are treated to an environment without ads, it's not a very far-fetched idea. This is why I do not purpose a different package with no ads on top of what is already available.

    Specifically for club dungeon I suggest 5 attempts instead of four. That is not really anything extra since you get that anyway if you watch the ad.

    And I disagree with the argument that you get something additional to what you pay for since watching an ad is also a payment. You pay with time and Glu get rewarded with money. I just want the time I spend watching ads to be included in the money I pay, that's it.
  • rompzorrompzor Registered Users, Member 15 Posts
    I agree.  The ads under daily quests and in the shop in addition to the energy bonuses should be awarded automatically for 10 dollars per month.
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