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Anyone here able to recommend other mobile games? I'm looking for something new because this game is hot donkeysh*t and my girlfriend keeps making me play this with her. Being the gud boi that I am, I'm just catering to what she's asking until I actually find a game better than this that doesn't involve:
(1) stupid paywalls
(2) overpriced microtransactions (in the event that money is required but the gameplay is more than compensating)
(3) servers that are located in fvcking Antarctica
(4) aforementioned servers being tended to by the locals of Antarctica (i.e. "no one"..... since no one lives there.... it's a joke, please laugh out of pity)

At this point, all our feedback is left unread by the staff, so there's no point offering any suggestions to improve the game. Based on the actions of Glu's dev team, somehow redesigning the UI of limited-time events was a dire necessity, but everything else is apparently not requiring hot patches. Okay lol.
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