ELI5: Arena Ranking Trophies

BuddyTheElfBuddyTheElf Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
Would someone kindly explain to me how the PVP Arena Trophies work? If I lose a match, it seems like I still get a trophy, but then I drop down in rank... So I am very confused. You are ranked by how many trophies you get, right?
Thanks so much for any help. :) 


  • CTRatCTRat Registered Users, Member 13 Posts
    If I understand correctly -- the trophies you see on the left after a match are different from your rank. Your rank goes down if you lose, and up if you win, as you would expect.

    The trophies shown on the left there just count toward the daily arena pack that requires 10 trophies to open. As long as you manage to defeat one of the enemy characters, you get one trophy -- two trophies if you beat at least three -- and three for beating all five characters (even if you actually lost, e.g., against a bucket of soldiers). They only count toward opening the daily pack, and have nothing to do with your rank.
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