Advice on how to beat a large group of CARD SOLDIERS???

DisneynerdDisneynerd Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
Friends - in a later Summoner Challenge, I can't seem to get by Dr Facilier's hoard of Card Soldiers.  Facilier is not hard but the Card Soldiers seem to quickly slash my best characters (I am all 4 star and 5 star with high gear tiers) from full health to almost zero in an instant.  Any advice on how to beat this would be GREATLY appreciated.  Thank you


  • deloreshazedeloreshaze Registered Users, Member 7 Posts
    I use a lot of characters with group attacks (Syndrome, Demona, Big Bad Wolf, Judy; Aladdin, Shan Yu, and Mickey to slow down the card’s turns) My 5 star Dash is also useful if they don’t silence him, but sometimes he goes down pretty quickly for me. Any characters with the silence ability help too. 
  • rdebord3rdebord3 Registered Users, Member 9 Posts
    Big bad wolf and elsa are great for that
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