Mor’du Strategy

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Mor’du seems to be a very durable tank. Stat wise I’m rather impressed, however due to his short taunt time he can’t stay tanking. Unless you are lucky enough to have the Conjuring Cauldron land on him every time, use Dr. F’s third ability, use Bo Peeps second ability or Barney’s third ability - he can’t stay focused with a taunt.
These resets, if you will, give him a wide range of choices for allowing him to tank - however, they should not be required simply for him to do his job. Yes, his third skill allows him to stun a primary target and slow adjacent units - it is not effective enough to protect your team. Not every tank can stay taunting throughout the match with their skill alone, however all other tanks have a shorter cool down for their taunt. 
His rage ability does make his abilities a tad more powerful but since they are only active while his health is below 40% they do not help your team. As a tank you want to increase his health when possible, so unless his Ancient Rage ability extends his taunt duration or increases his defense while below 40% or he retains Ancient Rage from that point on - it’s rather useless.
I’m looking for everyone’s thoughts on the situation and how we could make him a beneficial tank. A tank people would be happy to farm in order to make their team more useful, maybe one of my suggestions. Maybe providing his team with a defense up turn, possibly even allowing adjacent units to obtain a turn of hidden status. 
What are your thoughts? Something needs to be changed - otherwise he’s not worth the time, gold or upgrading items it requires to upgrade him. I love him as a unit, just not how useless he is.
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