Finding Nemo/Dory character ideas

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         Note: the low damage and healing is upgradeable with enchanted gear
   -Gerald (Finding Dory)-
          1 star  Role: Defense
 Basic: Off
 Gerald deals 20 damage to target and flanking opponents
        Special: Touch rock: Deals 30 damge to all opponents, Gain taunt
Special: Fluke and Rudder: Fluke and rudder appear dealing up to 25 damage to all opponents. Gain defense up
 Passive: Marlin and nemo: When fall below 50% Gerald brings his bucket with marlin and Nemo in it
 Marling and Nemo: Every turn heal 10 hp to random ally
             2 stars  Role: support               
Basic: Echolochation: Deal 24 Damage to opponnent, gain haste
Special: Just keep swimming: Heal 46 hp to target teammate
Special: The Undertow: Deal 30 damage to all opponents, 20% chance to stun target opponent
Passive: purple shells: When first teamate goes under 50% hp Heal 40 hp
                      3 stars  Role: Offense
                     Basic: Bite
                 Deal 45 Damage to target opponent
               Special: fish freindly: Heal 50 hp to all teammates
                Special: Smile: Deal 46 damage, stun target opponent
                Passive: I never met my father: when recieve damage 30% chance to inflict slow to all opponents
                        4 stars   Role:Defense/support
           Basic: Ink: Deal 50 damage to all opponents, Inflict blind for 2 turns, 40% chance to inflict continuous damage
        special: Camouflage: Hank and 1 other teammate gain stealth
       Special: Wet floor: Deal 50 damage and stun the target opponent
       Passive: Im okay with crazy: All teammates gain Defense up at start of round
        Leader: Substitute: All Teammates gain 20% more offense , 5% more healed per finding dory teammate
      I worked hours to get this finished, I hope you enjoyed . If you have suggestions, I check the discussion all the time, Have a good day 
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