Make club brawler activity “MATCHES” instead of “WINS”

TheB3astTheB3ast Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
For the “Club-Brawler” club activity I don’t like that it is win X number of times. I think that the reward from winning comes in the form of shards for the “Robin Hood” character but you can accomplish that with 4 wins (which I thinks it’s ok) but then you have to keep playing multiple times to get the 10 wins per club member to accomplish the club cuota and it can become frustrating really quick. I’m in the low range of Gold I and I constantly get matched with upper ranked Gold I players and I have to play countless times until I get fairly matched. I believe that changing the “Club Brawler” from counting WINS to counting MATCHES will remove the frustration from doing that daily club activity.
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