Your PVP matchmaking is stupid. Fix this sht

zaiwen3zaiwen3 Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
You mean to tell me each time i am forced to fulfill a daily chore of pvp, i get unevenly matched 5-10 levels higher that me? 6-7 star teams when my own are 4-5 stars only? Sometimes their fully geared too with stones equipped? Worst of all if you end up talking on those op frozen + dash/zurg teams. All for what? 1 measly Mulan token? 

i won’t hesitate to drop this game entirely just because of this stupid mode you force on low level, casual players. The devs are constantly nerfing the game overall not improving it. Hope they read this in case they’re absorbed in greedy tactics forced on players’ throats instead of actually listening to em.
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