DSA Insider Issue #1

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First off, thank you for being such an amazing community, we love your passion for both DSA and Disney®…it rivals our own passion for both! 😉

As you know we launched in late March and it has been quite a ride since then. Our early efforts have been focused on stabilizing the service, fixing bugs, optimizing characters, and making sure there is lots of great content for you to enjoy.

Sorcerers Arena™ has a bright future because of you, and we want to get into a regular habit of sharing some of our future plans for the game.  We have lots of big plans, some of which we can share with you now.

(One important caveat here…please keep in mind that the below only reflects some ideas that we are currently considering for the game.  Just because something is listed below does not mean it will necessarily come to fruition or be included in future versions of the game.  Game development can be fluid and unpredictable. Sometimes ideas we have do not work out, sometimes we have to change our plans, but our intention is always to deliver great content for you to enjoy.)

That said here are some things we are currently thinking about that you might enjoy…

Club Conquest Improvements

Club Conquest is a fun mode, but we feel it has a lot of room to improve and we are going to take this on very soon. In doing so, we will make sure that you and your club mates have a fun experience week to week. Here are some of the things we are thinking about for the Phase 1 Club Conquest Revamp:

·       Defense teams have persistent health

·       Club Tiers for rewards, based on total Club Power

·       Removing Auto-Registration

·       Save defense team placement between Conquests

·       Mutators on towers for specific teams/Characteristics

New Event Types

Continuing to explore fun event types is something we always hope to do. With such an amazing array of characters to bring into DSA we want to push ourselves to make cool new events and modes that bring these characters to life. Soon you will see additional “Tower” style events with a twist that will do just that. You never know who may be the chase in these special events…possibly Agent 626?

Visual Improvements

We are proud of the way DSA looks but we are always looking for ways to improve your visual experience. Our art team is hard at work combing through our game and looking for ways to beautify what we have. As you may have seen, we have made significant progress in polishing our environments and VFX, and we look forward to your feedback on our future improvements.   

More PVE Content

We have heard clearly from many of you that you hope to have fresh things for you and your club to do inside of DSA and we agree. Good news is, we’re actively working on this! When we have more details to share on this content, rest assured we will.

We want to continue to strengthen our relationship with our community, and we hope to bring you more information about our future plans for the DSA as we move forward.

As always, we look forward to reading and hearing your feedback and we appreciate the passion all of you have for DSA.

Best of luck, Summoners!

-DSA Team

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    Scar0529Scar0529 Registered Users, Member 32 Posts
    Thank you for the update. This is the second mobile game I've ever invested time and money in and is the only game I intend on playing. I'm really looking forward on seeing the growth of this game and the new content you desire to bring. I for one appreciate the hard work and dedication that is put in to making this a fun and enjoyable game. Take care and have a great day 
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    ElsaJeanElsaJean Registered Users, Member 17 Posts
    There's still a bug where you get kicked out of Sorcerer's Tournament fights and can't attack again for the next 30 minutes. It says you can't attack because your defense is under attack, but if you check later no one ever attacked you. It's pretty annoying maybe you should fix that.
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