Argument for removing Golden Hammer from the game ENTIRELY

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Like many of you I was a victim of "rebalance" NERFS to Prenium (pay to play) spells. Most notably the completey usefless formerly greatest spell in the game  FOWL PLAY. The weak excuse we were given for this great injustice was that the spell was more powerful than originally intended and had unbalanced the game. No refund of material or resources was given.
A couple weeks later the same thing was done to Blue Fairy wand. The difference was this time players who invested were compensated for the over reaching nerf.
Tbe point of all of this is there is a precedence for removing overpowered game mechanics from the game where thry drastically alter the balance of the game. Which is exactly what the massively overpowered Golden Hamner does.
We are in a Meta where there is zero diversity/ Variety amongst the top players.
While I do spend on the game I am not a whale. I cant just buy every brand new character and instantly get them maxed out. The struggle in Arena, PVP and sometimes Conquest is real.
I'm not a joiner. I dont think it is right or fun to have to use Frozen teams to beat Frozen teams. Thats the ugly situation we are in.
With the grossly overpowered synetvized speed and healing shared on that team exacerbated by the over powered speed stone the last thing any one wants to have to do is kill the already insanely hard to kill Kristoff 3 or 4 times.
Thats what Golden Hammer allows to happen in this game. You are already struggling with fighting the hardest team and that over powered damn spell makes it so that your progress is instantly undone. 
In this type of game resurrection should not be a thing. Cetainly not more than once a fight.
At a minimum the resurrection should be removed or limited to once per encounter. 
If you disagree then you are either one of the players using this grossly overpowered spell who doesn't want to lose it or you are not fighting in the higher ranking pvp.
If you don't believe it is overpowered then why is it that every single pvo player you have lost to was using it?
How many times do I need to re kill Kristoff to get past his taunt. How many times does Shan Yu need to come back and be re killed.
Golden Hammer was always to strong. Now that the other good spells have been heavily nerced it needs to go. Especially in the current Meta of all Frozen eith Hiro and Shan Yu.
Please join me in asking to do away with a soell that makes the game less enjoyable for everyone but the top pay to play players.
Thank You


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    Forgive my typos. Big fingers small keyboard.  I also type to fast when I'm mad 😠 🤣😂
  • 1godofthunder1godofthunder Registered Users, Member 12 Posts
    There is nothing more frustrating then losing a match in which you strongly outperformed your competition but you had to kill 12 enemies due to Golden Hamner constantly bringing them back where thry only had to deal with your 5.

    Also why isn't this the slowest spell in the game? I think its B.S. that latest supposed Nerf made it recharge EVEN faster than before as you kill cowards who are using it.
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    Agree. So many possibilities to nerf it. Like 1 time use per match! Seems like it is a must have at higher tiers
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