Let It Go! + Triple Threat Alliance Recruiting

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Let It Go! 200k+ SS min: Wait List Only
Friends On The Other Side 120k+ SS Min: Wait List Only
One Jump Ahead! 80k+ SS min: Wait List Only
Please contact us via Discord: https://discord.gg/SNFyrXx


  • Discord Mandatory
  • Conquest Participation Mandatory
  • Stitch Tower min XP required per event: LIG! = 20k FOTOS= 12k OJA!= 8k
  • 5 Donations Daily
  • 20 Dungeon kills Daily
  • 5 PvP wins Daily
  • 2 day inactive kick
Triple Threat is an alliance of 3 clubs sharing one community and discord, and pooling our knowledge and experience to help each club grow to its full potential. We are one of the fastest growing alliances on the server, with Let it Go! ranked 3rd Globally in Total Summoner Score, and Friends On The Other Side and One Jump Ahead! ranked TOP 50 Globally.

We focus on Conquest/PvP/Tournament and have multiple members at the top of several leaderboards. Our Alliance is always on the look out for talented new players to add to our community, even when our clubs are full. If the club you wish to join is at 50/50, you can join our discord, sign up on our wait list, and then browse and interact with our community while you wait for a spot to open.

Between our 3 clubs, we cater to both casual and competitive players, and we have place for players with either style of gameplay.
We look forward to having you join our team!


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    Me and my fiancé are looking for a club
  • ChaosxChaosx Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    Me and my fiancé are looking for a club
    Awesome, if you and/or your fiancé would like to come visit us on our discord, we have spots open in 2 of our clubs at the moment, and we would be happy to tell you more about our community, and help you find a new home :)

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