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DisneyPandaDisneyPanda Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
Already there are different styles of clubs out there, some very casual but others want to get as far as they can and part of that involves everyone contributing.
Does Glu have any plans to make a public api available? For example it would be really nice to have an end point that reported everyone in the clubs contributions towards club quests so this could be easily tracked and players could be rewarded within clubs rather than someone trying to manually read all the contributions 5 mins before reset.

Having public apis also encourages community development and involvement as useful resources can be created for those wanting to play and learn more. 


  • AischrolatryAischrolatry Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    I totally agree with the principle of this one. I am a club leader for a middle of the road club in that I expect people to be active and donate/request the right items. But I find tracking it a complete nightmare. Most of what I want to track is done manually and takes a long time and some of it is not even possible. So making decisions on who should stay and who should go is difficult.

    An API would probably be the easiest solution from the dev point of view. Obviously from a user point of a view a completely enhanced in-game dashboard with access to historical data as well as all different forms of metrics would be great but I think this would require a huge amount of development and is a bit of a pipe dream.

    One point that is probably more controversial would be to see all members characters, admittedly not everyone would like it, but as a leader it means I could help people create better teams and give advice about how to strengthen, would also help when it comes to attacking in club conquest.
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