West Coast LGBTQ+ Club Recruiting!

SteviepeepeeSteviepeepee Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
Our club "West Coast Gaymers" is looking for some allies!

We are a west coast oriented club that has a variety of casual to serious players from many walks of life. Only good vibes here!

We’re sitting at 20/50 players. Most are above level 50. There’s plenty of room. You can contact us easily on our discord if you have any questions: https://discord.gg/3f9P47Y 
Or contact me directly on Discord: @Steviepeepee#3249

Requirement is level 20. If you still feel new to the game or have questions, our top players are always happy to help out and make suggestions to help improve your game. We are also regularly purchasing club gifts and are fairly generous as far as club donations.

 As far as rules, we just ask that you are active and a team player. We are casual but we do want the club to thrive, and in order for that to happen, we need our comrades to contribute in events with club rewards(like stitch tower) and club conquest. 

 Come play with us! Gates open, come on in!
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