Entire Club cancelling its VIP

Spectre3Spectre3 Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
After today's announcements, it is clear that the dev team has no intention of ever addressing the issues around Frozen/Kingdom and are comfortable with a Meta that revolves entirely around those toons. If characters  "responsible for some significant increases in PvP durations - up to and including running out of turns more commonly than we're comfortable with" are an issue to be addressed than it should be done regarding increases in speed (which allows one team to take far more turns than other overall) summons, spells that counts as turns etc. 

It is unfortunate because there is so much of the game that is enjoyable, but I, and the rest of my club, will not be paying 10 bucks a month to return to the Shan Yu on every team or Kristoff stall party. 

 I hope more viable paths open in the future to make this game more rounded out. 


  • HoneyBoneyHoneyBoney Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    Ich denke auch das es wichtigere Ansätze gibt, die ausgebessert werden sollten.
    Arenaduelle zb sollten ausgeglichener werden oder die Cluberoberung. 
  • ClawTwilightClawTwilight Registered Users, Member 7 Posts
    You're getting your wish! New meta incoming! Big Hero 6!
    Enjoy. I will not be getting these toons.
  • Donch819Donch819 Registered Users, Member 21 Posts
    Here here!.....game has been a total joke for awhile now .....worst admins I’ve seen since Star Wars galaxy and quit that long ago....time here is also coming to a close.....unfortunately, the sheep keep paying for the next hot inst-team and nothing changes.  From that perspective admins are doing a bang up job!  Continuing to milk dumbasses is a skill......   Just lost to Frozen squad 750 less than mine?!  Literally LOLd, so at least the app provides comedic value at this point?!
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