FRONTIERLAND CC Tier #1 Club 1 Spot Available

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FRONTIERLAND is the top global launch club in the game, plays in the top power Tier for club conquest, and a great home for passionate, competitive players. Always engaging in the newest content, pushing the limits and defining the new "Meta".

FRONTIERLAND heads up the Magic Kingdom Alliance (MKA) which has emerged as the premiere alliance in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena. MKA is made up of six clubs that share one community. Its members are unified by their passion for competition, theorycrafting and pursuing the latest content in the game. Support from its passionate, friendly, and inclusive members make it the best community in the game! 
#1 club in the game our members are unified by their passion for competition, theorycrafting, and pursuing the latest content. 

What we're looking For: 
• 3 or more 5k+ meta teams for Conquest (Herc, Beast, Sen 6, BH6 or Oceanic)
• Completion of usual club Daily's (Tickets, PVP, Dungeon, etc)
• Active on Discord
• Active for Club Conquest a must 
• Positive and Fun Attitude

DM me or join our Discord to apply:


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