Semi-Casual Club - Hidden Kingdom (few spots open)

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Hidden Kingdom

Contact info:

Few Spots open

Who we are:
- We are a semi-casual club that only requires participation in conquests and active (5 days+ considered inactive)
 - We are not a min/max club that will micro-manage, we want you to have fun with the game, grow together and play together and not treat it as another job.
- We have many players from F2P to P2P. Most have come from Reddit, MSF, and SWGOH.
- Although we are semi-casual, we are still very competitive

- Level 40+ - Active (5 days+ and non-participation in conquest = inactive)
- Donations are open; we don't force the T1 requests as we want the club to grow and help out with gear if needed.
- PVP wins are optional and not enforced; we don't want you to feel burnt out

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