RRWWWGG! 'Kashyyyk Krusaders' are recruiting!

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RRWWWGG! 'Kashyyyk Krusaders' are recruiting! https://imgur.com/a/Exmsaie

We are one of four teams in the 'Pixar's Marvelous Empire' collective and are a division of 'Off The Wall-E' (a top 100 club).

Kashyyyk Krusaders are the newest club in the 'PME' collective and we're focused on allowing new-to-mid experienced players grow in strength and experience at their own pace!

Levels as low as 20 accepted
No mandatory PvPs, but would like 2-a-day if possible
5 daily donations (T1 and brooms only)
Daily club dungeon participation

If you feel as though we're the club for you, come and join our Discord server and I'm sure you'll feel right at home!

We hope to see you soon! https://discord.gg/M8smXNfr

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