The Race to the Lamp, is on!

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Summoner, only one may enter! And that you.

Prove yourself worthy and retrieve us the lamp.

Do this, and you will be rewarded…generously.

Fail, and we shall call you a chump from this day forward!

Required Characters: Aladdin and Jasmine

Date: May 3rd  – May 31st


Week 1 - Iago Spell Tokens (Useful for Passholder Quests)

Make your way through the hissing Cobras!

Week 2 - Aladdin Tokens (Aladdin Required)

Battle the guardians, if you can!

Week 3 - Jasmine Tokens (Aladdin Required)

Watch out!

Week 4 - Genie Tokens (Aladdin + Jasmine Required)

It’s now or never!


Don’t forget to UPGRADE to Passholder Gold and earn the Exclusive PRINCE ALI skin for Aladdin!

Bacon and Coffee, that's what I'm fueled by. 


  • bumble2beebumble2bee Registered Users, Member 35 Posts
    I would love to upgrade to passholder for 499 gems like last month but with it being a cash only thing I am locked out due to the App Store. 
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