Balance Changes - Update 5/8/19

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Character Changes

From the Devs: "We've identified and corrected and issue that affected many Characters with a Continuous Healing or Continuous Damaging effect as part of their ability kits. The issue was surrounding the calculation dealing the entire amount of damage or healing per tick instead of that amount over the designed duration. We recognize that this adjustment may have some initial shock to the players who utilize these characters – and will allow those combating against these Characters to stand a chance. The balance of the Characters is ongoing and we will ensure that we properly increase the capabilities of those which prove to be lacking but try to avoid dramatically reducing the power of those over performing in most cases. This case, unfortunately, is unavoidable."

The following Characters and their abilities have been corrected:

  • Baloo's "Bare Necessities"
  • Demona's "Recite: Saeti"
  • Jack Skellington's "Zero!" 
  • Jafar's "Just Getting Warmed Up"
  • Kronk's "Junior Chipmunk Guide"
  • Merida's "Rain of Arrows"
  • Pete's "Heavy Hitter"
  • Pocahontas' "Choose Your Path"
  • Shan Yu's "Bow to Me!"
  • Shere Khan's "Law of the Jungle"
  • Sheriff of Nottingham's "Well-Timed Treachery"
  • Tinker Bell's "Feisty Fervor"
  • Frozone's "Ice Block"

Additional Character Changes


From the Devs: "Pocahontas' immediate heal, not to be confused with the issue above that her Continuous Healing would have been affected by, was restoring substantially more Health than intended and was a large oversight on our end.  This fix actually went live alongside the latest client update that missed the update notes, unfortunately. We strive to keep players informed of the changes as much as possible and apologize that this one slipped through the cracks. Back to the actual issue, Pocahontas' basic ability was outperforming every other health restoring Support character by massive margin - even to the point of keeping other Characters completely healed up at all-times. The intent of Pocahontas is to be a passive health restoring Character that also compensates for her lack of dealing damage while in this mode. We're going to keep an eye on her performance and make further adjustments as needed."

"Choose Your Path"

  • Initial Health Restored: Recovery * 100%  => 7%

Jack Sparrow

"Run Away!" 

  • Corrected issues on the mechanics of this ability not responding immediately as well as some display errors on the numerical values.


"Ice Block"

  • Now correctly messages that his Level 4 ability upgrade provides a Continuous Damage effect.

Judy Hopps

Adjusted base stats to be more in-line with other front line Offense Characters.

  • Offense: 15 => 9
  • Defense: 2 => 3
  • Health: 120 => 224
  • Attack Speed: 2 => 4.16

Sergeant Calhoun

Adjusted base stats to be more in-line with a hybrid of back and front line Offense Characters.

  • Offense: 12 => 10
  • Defense: 2 => 3
  • Health: 100 => 202
  • Attack Speed: 2 => 4.76

Spell Changes

Fowl Play

  • Corrected a text issue where the Level 2 and Level 4 Upgrades were confusing. It now states that it "Decreases Magic Cost by 1"
  • Corrected an issue where the Level 3 upgrade was not properly granting another Ally the stolen effects.

Grand Arena Changes

  • Swapped positions with the opponent's Rank and Level.

Exchange Changes

  • Arena Exchange: "Timothy Mouse Talisman" is no longer available for purchase.

Other Changes

  • Disney Adventures is now known as Adventure Battles
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  • ReapersFuryXReapersFuryX Registered Users, Member 105 Posts
    Judy hopps nerf seems too harsh. Both a drop in attack power and making her slower just destroyed her as being usable as a front line.
  • bumble2beebumble2bee Registered Users, Member 35 Posts
    Judy is garbage now. She can’t do enough damage to generate her shield. Front row hero’s do not need nerfs. Go try running the defence challenge and see how far your melee get you...
  • DiemakerDiemaker Registered Users, Member 16 Posts
    edited May 2019
    My 7 star max characters can’t win in Champion Arena now. Took me over an hour to collect my 20 trophies. I’m sure Grand Champion is an impossibility. I’ve dropped 100 points already.
    Just letting you know. 

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