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Adjusted base stats to be more in-line with a hybrid of back and front line Offense Characters.

  • Offense: 12 => 10
  • Defense: 2 => 3
  • Health: 100 => 202
  • Attack Speed: 2 => 4.76
I will agree she was a bit overpowered in the back row with her quick speed, when she is forced to the front the speed reduction makes her near worthless to have. The damage reduction puts her in line with Merida and Robin Hood in the back now but now she’s too slow to keep up with Quorra and others in the front row. 


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    Hey! We got one mostly right in your eyes :) *Jumps for Joy*

    Yeah, the balance against other characters will be a constant tug of war that we're actively participating in. 

    I'll add this to your other feedback as well. 

    Bacon and Coffee, that's what I'm fueled by. 
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