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 After the new update, a lot of my exchange places are filled with character tokens that I have already maxed. Yesterday I had Aladdin in three of the five places in the seven star bazaar.

Because it says the word MAX, it obviously recognizes when a character is maxed. This is even true if you have not raised the character or spell to max level. I have enough tokens for triggers tower to be maxed level. But I have not actually invested the gold in it. This is a good system.

 But then maybe it would be nice if we took it one step further and didn’t have these tokens appear in the exchange. At the very least, they shouldn’t appear in the seven star bazaar once you have them at seven stars. 


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    Hey @Jillathia
    :) Glad to see you here again. 

    I understand the frustration. 

    Personally, late game I enjoy having those MAX level characters in shops for other currencies (based on other games I play) that way I can farm them for the Token Exchange characters. 

    That being said, I will absolutely pass this feedback along :) 
    Bacon and Coffee, that's what I'm fueled by. 
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    edited May 2019
    That makes sense and could be useful but buying Mickey from the 7 star shop for 30 to get 10 for the token is rather counterproductive, so at least the token exchange bazaar shouldnt have maxxed characters.
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    Token exchange shop should only have tokens that are hard to get from other areas like those found in hero and villains hard modes. 
  • JillathiaJillathia 31 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    @MeatheadMilitia it happened again on the 7 star bazaar.

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    Jillathia spells dont cost gold to upgrade anymore so feel free to max it.
  • JillathiaJillathia 31 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Right, I meant runes 😀
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