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Hello! I haven't actually read all the suggestions made in this thread but I thought I'd suggest a few things that could potentially improve the gameplay! 

1. To have a replay button after completing a stage so you don't have to go through the entire step of pressing the stage, agreeing on a team and going into the level! I found this really annoying especially at this period where you have to get into stages and grind for the passholder challenges. This would definitely speed things up and make things easier!

2. Is it possible to implement a system where we can add friends using our player ID or simply have an add friend button when you visit someone's profile? It seems a little ridiculous that the only way to add a friend at this moment is through a link I have to send via an external app. It would also help out when you are trying to add friends online who you do not know in person.

3. Lastly, this is honestly a big deal but is it possible to be able to view the characters & spells of your friends when you visit their profile?

Hope that these suggestions are taken into consideration! I really like this game and would love to see more improvements to it! 



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    Thanks for typing these out! :) 

    I'll pass them along to the gym! 
    Bacon and Coffee, that's what I'm fueled by. 
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