Grand Arena Pools

SHDGAMESSHDGAMES Registered Users, Member 43 Posts
So recently some newer people have been coming to the game and some of them have noticed they are in a fresh Grand arena pool.

This is good and bad.
Good becasue newer players arnt discouraged by the ammount of players at the top they cant get through.
Bad because there will be a big batch of newer players getting far better rewards for alot less work then the top players in the original pool, (now discouraging the player in the 1st pool more deserving but un able to reach the top of there pool)

I propose that rather than having alot of seperate pools, why not extend the rewards to the player bace with one big prize pool rather than alot of seperate ones.
So instead of haveing top rewards for 1st place only make it top10
Instead of 2nd place rewards make it top 20
And so on extending out the rewards to the player bace of top players not able to break through to the top 10 but still deserving and more than competitive.

So that would take the top 10 current rewards out to the top 100, and can extend out the other rewards also, how ever it is relevent to the total player pool size.

In doing that everyone can be rewarded abit more evenly rather than afew lucky ones at the top of each prize pool. And newer players have goals to reach. (Yet not under cutting the others who have been playing hard and missing out)


  • JillathiaJillathia Registered Users, Member 31 Posts
    I agree totally with this!

    Even if Hades isn’t a brilliant character (yet), anyone who plays this game is a collector and it is very frustrating to have someone so out of reach. After so any months, there are still less than 20 people with Hades unlocked. 

    By pairing so many gems with the tokens, it is attractive enough to get top ten even once you have 7-starred Hades, so there is also no incentive to allow others to move up either.  My husband started the game less than two weeks after I did, but that two week time frame was enough to insure he will never unlock Hades in the current system.
  • HexarHexar Registered Users, Member 7 Posts
    I have been thinking about this recently too. And something like this probably is the easiest and most elegant option. Coulf just make reward by placement in % of players in the pool really.
    I take it the new GA was opened because the first one reached max capacity, not because they wanted to reward newer players.
  • TheCoyoteTheCoyote Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    What SHDgames said. I’m not in the top 20 of GA and likely I never will be in the top ten. I wish prices were spread out a bit more 1-10,20-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50-70, 70-100, 100-130 and so on. And that the hades tokens were given out at least in the top 50. 
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