Update 8/15 - Sorcerer's Trials

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Hello Summoners!
We are excited to introduce to you, the Sorcerer’s Trials!

Sorcerer’s Trials
From the Dev Team:
The Sorcerer's Trials are meant to test your skills by pitting you against some non-traditional game modes and combat modifiers. You may have to try battles several times to unlock the 'secret' of how best play them, thus we've removed any limits on attempting these battles. We hope you enjoy this new mode and the challenge it presents. Look forward to fresh new Sorcerer's Trials rolling out in the coming weeks, and best of luck on your journey!
Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey 
Magical Mob – Castable Anywhere now
Spellbinding Swirlpool –
Level 1 -Single Target ability
Level 2 – Turns into an AoE ability
Level 3 - increases its damage by 5%
Level 4 - increases duration by 2s

The Claw Pack – FREE now

Frozone - No longer triggers Genie’s duplicate
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