Suggestions: Tournaments (revisited) and Co-Op game modes

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1) Tournaments revisited
I thought the villain event was great in the sense that it got people using more villains in their teams.  Really makes the game more interesting instead of facing the same teams over and over.

It would be great to have a tournament style game mode (as has been brought up before) that encourages the use of different types of teams.  For example, having each battle with rules (i.e. villain or hero only, short or long range only, animal characters only etc).  This would really get people to diversify in the characters they use, and with new rules being able to be implemented all the time, it would be an easy way to add variety to the game (i.e. just by changing rules). 

At the moment with no new game modes and similar types of events every month, I feel like the game has become more of a grind with no exciting content.  Sure a new spell or character gets added, but it doesn't feel like enough of a change to retain player base or bring new players in (--yes I know this is still a beta).

2) Co-op game modes
Having 2-3 people on a same team on a battlefield at the same time would be great.  Perhaps a new dungeon type Co-op game mode with puzzle type monsters that require specific abilities/spells  -- i.e. bosses similar to the mordu fight (-the pillars), but a lot more complicated and needing more strategy.  For example, needing to put out fires with water spells like Mickey's Whirlpool (or could be simplified to any blue arcana spells), needing to reposition enemies with meteor to avoid attacks, enemies having invulnerability requiring purge to be used, etc.

Thanks for your consideration and the hard work you all put into the game :smile:


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    Thank you for your suggestions :) 

    Please know the team is working hard on making DSA the best experience it can be during this beta. 

    In Game Development, this means sometimes having periods of time where we have to work on things and nothing gets released. It's not ideal but it is required. 

    We do appreciate your patience as we continue making this the best mobile game out there :D 
    Bacon and Coffee, that's what I'm fueled by. 
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    Of course, thanks for your reply! 
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