Update 7.0 is Live

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Update 7.0 is live! This update comes with a great deal of amazing features.

We hope you enjoy them and please continue to send us feedback!

Character Profile Update - A new and improved way to look at your character and upgrade them!

**NEW PLAYER** 7-Day Rewards - One time rewards for new players.

Club Gifting - Certain packs, when purchased, will provide a gift for everyone else in your club. Be on the look out for future Club Gifting packs.

Add Friend In Game - It's here! You are now able to add friends from within the game on a player's profile.

Grand Arena Defense Log - Check out who's been targeting you in Grand Arena...and plot your next move!

Club Help Feature - Ask your Clubmates for either an Elite Battle Refresh, Energy, or Exchange refresh (Shown is just Energy Refresh)

Daily Quests Removed - Lvl 51+ players will no longer have to do the "Level a Character" or "Equip a Character" quests - the rewards associated with these quests have been put into the daily complete and the Tower quests

Various UI/UX Improvements 

Tinker Bell and Baloo have been removed from Heroes Campaign 

Sorcerer Mickey was added to Heroes Campaign

Various Bug Fixes

Official Discord: bit.ly/DSADISCORD or http://bit.ly/DSADISCORD

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    CanberkCanberk Registered Users, Member 7 Posts
    Please stop with all those unnecessary updates and add more permanent content.
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    scholl_maxscholl_max Registered Users, Member 8 Posts
    The update looks great!! Can’t wait for it to be released:)!
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    xDannixDanni Registered Users, Member 13 Posts
    Absolutely loving the UI updates! The little things like the "Leave Club" button, the completed tick on the events etc make such a difference to the feel of the game. Thanks for paying such great attention to detail!
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    XMooNXMooN Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
    Cool update. I really appreciate not having to hear character’s intro animation and song 10 times when doing stuff. 
    One thing still missing, all the pretty ui changes, all the easier to navigate buttons.
    where’s the full inventory :P
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