Content Update - 4/1

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Aladdin Event incoming – New Jafar Levels from Previous Event
New Packs to follow

Ian's “Magnora Gantuan” – No longer spreads Stun, Charm, Sleep or Polymorph (This is in tune with our previous change to characters earlier in the year)
Ian's “Boombastia” description now refers to opponents
Ian's “Voltar Thundasir” ability now drains speed meter on primary target as intended
Barley’s “Follow Your Gut” passive ability now inflict Defense Down at the start of the turn as intended
Barley's "Peter's Shadow Spell" version now properly works
Woody now correctly assists Buzz on his "Laser Blast" ability 
Davy Jones “The Time Is Up” ability description has changed to reflect ability action

Rebalancing of Gold Summoner Challenge Gold Drops
Tower Exchange now has more slots for individual spells
Addition of Downtown Hero and Downtown Villain categories filter
Mind Worker NPC now marked as Inside Out

Bacon and Coffee, that's what I'm fueled by. 


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    So that's how my combo dies, with a balance patch T.T
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