Content Update 5/13 - NOT RELEASED YET

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Gear Node Adjustments: Removed Secondary gear piece from nodes and increased primary piece drop rate

 DEV NOTE: "We've removed secondary (lower tier) gear drops from Heroes Campaign node 4D+ and Villains Campaign 3G+ and raised the drop rates on primary pieces of gear. All these nodes will now drop only one type of gear- this will make farming specific pieces of gear easier across the board. In addition, for all players level 30+, we have added an additional drop of lower tier gear to the Grand Campaign Chest."

Onward Event Incoming

Next Passholder Season – We reduced Gold and Gamma rune rewards and added an Ultimate Pack, Grand, and Club currency to the reward list

Sorcerer’s Trial Incoming: Gold

More Gear Added to Grand Campaign Pack
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    thank you for the announcement, looking forward to this. When will this be released and implemented?
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