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I love the game.  Aside from Disney being a huge part of my life, and now my childrens' lives, it's a whole lot of fun to play and has a lot to offer.  A big part of the joy for me is spending effort in deciding if an event is worth time, gems, and possibly a financial investment.  The recent layout of the Zurg event is putting that to the test.

After some number-crunching it is clear that not only is Zurg unobtainable by not the average player, he is a long-shot for the near obsessed.  The sheer lack of character tokens along with the pitiful chest rewards for the first five tiers of the event coupled with gear tier requirements for the later stages make it painfully obvious that this is a cash-grab.

I understand that not everyone can have everything in a game.  Some things being out of reach make the game exciting.  But I think it is important that the top fraction of the Free-to-play base need to have a shot with careful planning.

From a personal standpoint, I count myself among the top fraction who is F2P (for now).  I'm competing and holding down a top-10 slot in my tournament for the past week against full 7* Incredibles teams, which means players who have invested hundreds of dollars into their teams.  Personally, I have over 12,000 gems that I've been saving, laying in wait for Zurg to pop up somewhere other than the VIP store.  If I spent them all refreshing attempts throughout the course of the next 10 days I still wouldn't even have him unlocked.

The real issue is that we're going to see tons of people with Zurg at the end of the event and not a single one of them will be a free-to-play player.  Considering the sheer power that Zurg has on any team, this means that anyone who considers themselves competitive will quickly be pushed out and be left staring at a top 20 or 30 (or more) with a Zurg on every team.

I'm glad the game is going well from a financial standpoint, but the long term health of a game and the standard by which it is judged is how it treats it's Free-to-play player base.  I want to be clear that this isn't as narrow sighted as me being upset that I can't have the toys that the big boys have.  It's that no one who plays the game for free will be able to mount an appreciable amount of competition against those who pay.

I understand the purpose of a mobile game is to make money, but people at least need the opportunity to be able to blind themselves to this truth.  When the big spenders inevitably move on to the next game, what remains are the players who will keep the magic alive.  If future events follow this trend a lot of players aren't going to want to take part in it.  The responsibility to take better care of the F2P player base should start being taken a little more seriously here.

Edit:  I saw news that DSA is going to be running at a huge loss for the better part of 2020.  I confess that I was mostly ignorant on the costs associated with developing and running such a big title before doing research.  I decided to leave what I wrote intact because it seems prudent to let people know there are players willing to shift their views based on new information.  I know many more won't care, and although I don't entire feel this way anymore I can at least say that I don't blame them.  I'm sorry to hear that the game is in the red right now.   I still feel that the way the Zurg event is designed is going to ostracize a lot of F2P base as the consequences unfold.  I am hoping the F2P player base doesn't suffer too greatly with future events due to the financial situation of the project.

I don't understand enough to give feedback on what to do about it, but to summarize I can say it feels bad to see an event that is out of reach, even for the top fraction of the F2P base.


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    I understand that there is an innate want to obtain every character as soon as they are released, however I believe the purpose of these seasonal events is that you work towards the character, and eventually you will get them after a few times of them rotating. Keeps you playing and if someone wants to drop $50 on the character then let them lol.
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    I will have to agree with the op. It is a shame that a large percentage of the playerbase cannot reach the 80 tokens needed for zurg, even with careful planning and/or by using the gems accumulated till now. And I should not be the one worrying if the game is not making enough money. Personally I have already paid a little sth and I would probably buck some more as long as the game had the same rewarding feeling. But I am very displeased with how they handled the zurg event till now. I had to skip most of the previous events just to have a fighting chance for zurg and the p2w formula on this event has left me frustrated to say the least. I am hoping they make amends till the event is over. And I guarantee that if they continue with the same p2w formula on future events, a lot of ppl will leave the game. 
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    100% agree, no need to be friendly with the wording. At this rate, this game is doomed to fail as their fanbase will probably dwindle at a gradual rate over the next few months until all that are left are the tryhard credit card abusers who think they're skilled. At that point, even they'll start to get bored and uninstall due to lack of interest. People are already abandoning this app because of inconsistent server performance, so this just adds onto their list of sh*t that'll tank the diminishing lifespan of the game.

    This game should be categorized as a "free-to-play-game-that'll-only-be-fun-for-a-few-weeks-unless-you-spend-money". It's an insult to all the true "free-to-play" games out there.
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