Inappropriate adds for the target audience

Frieza1980Frieza1980 Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
Im older so no big deal but i see these same ads on Mature games with shooting and killing. I have seen anime apps wearing no clothes and have there breasts blurred out and then a baby pops up?? Then games where you do sexual things to the characters, does this sound like something Disney would condone or except? If my child was old enough to play I wouldn’t want him seeing that trash so he wouldn’t play. Please don’t just except any ads As a way to get sponsors, who’s the next sponsor? Playboy channel? 


  • KoreanStepmomKoreanStepmom Registered Users, Member 55 Posts
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    What can you expect from a game that's clearly desperate for funds. Perfect target for all the bogus Chinese sim game companies out there to advertise on.

    I'm pretty sure Glu will get busted by Disney at some point within the near future since they're literally having their reputation tarnished by some third-rate app developing company that's a subsidiary of a dogsh*t parent company *cough* Tencent *cough*
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