Get Rid of Micro Purchases/Flash Deals or Passes

Frieza1980Frieza1980 Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
Micro purchases And flash deals are one of the worst things in app games it puts people Into financial ruin and you guys have the worst ones I’ve ever Seen (even worse then Disney Battle Mode) you have up to like 10+ deals going on at once And on rotation not to mention the many  Pass holder and Pass holder Tiers, VIP, buy gems for friends (like wth?), packages everywhere, I’ve never seen anything like this before in a mobile game and I’ve been playing mobile games for the past seven years. I will quit if this doesn’t calm down, I am a Pay to Play player but I will not support such an aggressive sales market. Has potential and I'm still playing but I refuse to purchase while this aggression is active. Please pick one Flash Deals or Passes, both on top of the 10+ monthly passes and tier packs and friend packs is horrible even for Disney.


  • KoreanStepmomKoreanStepmom Registered Users, Member 55 Posts
    *or just make the deals worth the money.... Season Passes are absolute donkeysh*t and the 8-330 token packs are just passive-aggressive marketing scams. I'd rather take part in a pyramid scheme than advertise those deals as being sound investments.
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