Issues, Issues, and More Issues!!

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This game is filled with so many issues it’s not even funny. It’s like the more I play the more disappointed I become and more I feel annoyed/angry I actually spent hard earned money on this thing. It’s as if it’s designed to do the bare minimum and still make whatever money possible.

I can’t really tell that there’s a 20% damage increase with Zurg while using Bo Peep and her leader ability, Even though he’s a toy story character, versus the other Zurgs I’ve faced with the same gear tier/star power as mine when 20% should be undoubtedly noticeable. I’ve listed a few problems in previous posts that haven’t even been so much as acknowledged as issues by anyone in the DSA team at any point. There’s plenty other issues I can list other than the one I just mentioned and the previous ones posted about (like Shan Yu’s leader ability being ridiculously broken and overpowered) but won’t really do a lick of good seeing as you can post on here all you want and create Customer Care tickets all you want but it’s really just like talking to a brick wall.

They have all these problems and then what did this last update provide? Nothing really except changes on the outlook/interface!! Because that was the real issue right. Because that’s what really needed the fixes right! It’s just like taking a car that isn’t working properly to the body shop hoping it works properly afterwards.

Its a shame, really is. Such a great concept they have and so much potential. But the more you really think about it the more you really start to realize just how little these people care about their customers longterm satisfaction and creating a product for the long run. It’s like they’d rather have people come and get excited at first to play it and see what all it could possibly offer because of its appearance and spend a few hundred bucks before they start to realize what’s really happening and quit, than they would put efforts into making the product as quality as possible so that the customers that are willing to spend money, stay happy, and stay playing so long as the game is great which it really isn’t yet. Why do you think they have stuff priced so dang high? They’d rather con people into spending high amounts in a short span of time before they realize what it’s really about and quit than they would keep prices reasonable/affordable for the everyday middle to low class person to stay having fun/happy/enjoying themselves to a quality product because it seems like they don’t have intentions to fix a lot of these issues anytime soon.

I understand things can take time, and try to give anything/anyone the benefit of the doubt. But seeing as I’ve been playing since a little right after the game started and there’s been maybe less than a handful of game fixes and the last update is looks based is such a joke and tells you the kind of operation being run. Like I said it definitely feels like they’d rather do the bare minimum and stay getting money from newcomers rather than creating something a lot more sustainable and it’s sad.. Staying oblivious and lack of acknowledgement to a lot of issues I and other people have brought forth just tells you what their ultimate goal/mindset is 


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    Big facts. I've posted a lengthy heart-to-heart on my disappointment with this game several days ago as well, especially since I'm willing to invest money into this game, but the issues are preventing my conscience from moving forward with that. The prospects of this game look grim at this rate, I wouldn't be surprised if their active user count is hitting a plateau already when it hasn't even been a year yet. All games nowadays are disappointing me, it's just sad that something as promising as this game had to fall under that list as well. Fvck the developers, they're responsible for all of this. We're honestly not even asking for much either.
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