Removal of secondary drops from higher level nodes

RagnadrielRagnadriel Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
According to the patch notes secondary drops were removed to improve the chance of getting desired items. This is absolutely rubbish and insulting to players. The drop rates for gear don’t seem to be improved at all, so we are getting a lot less gear overall. Reverse this change ASAP


  • hauntyhaunty Registered Users, Member 5 Posts
    I second this. It is not like getting all these items for gearing after t5 is a walk in the park. Getting less items in total just makes the whole procedure even more tedious. 
  • KoreanStepmomKoreanStepmom Registered Users, Member 55 Posts
    ^TL;DR: this game is trash
  • RagnadrielRagnadriel Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
    Seems to be heading in an overall trashy direction unfortunately.
  • CTRatCTRat Registered Users, Member 13 Posts
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    I disagree. I definitely think this is a good change. I did see an immediately noticeable improvement in the rate for getting the primary drop for battles (the very first night of the change I right away was seeing way more of the primary item drop than I'd ever got in one go before).

    If you are farming a specific item where there's a battle that gives you two things you really need both of, then yeah, this change might not help. But for many items you'd need, I noticed the only options would be to grind on battles where the secondary drop is something that... seems really rarely used? There were several types of brooms in particular I wasted tons of energy getting some of because they were just the secondary drop for other things I needed. I'd much rather not have those as the secondary drop and just keep this improved rate for the things I actually want. I waste less energy this way.

    To put it in perspective: right now I have 243 tiny tinkered brooms, 148 tiny petal brooms, and 128 tiny bright brooms that nobody wants and I have no idea if I'm ever going to use any of (not a single character of mine needs them). Plus I have 259 tiny nightsky brooms and 185 tiny mist brooms I will... maybe eventually need, if I try maxing out every single character. Quite a lot of waste when I'm just trying to focus on maybe a dozen or so characters.

    I'm pretty glad that now I don't need to waste energy getting even more of those, and instead just get a higher rate for things I actually need. It's much more efficient. Please don't revert the change, thanks.

    EDIT: although, now that I look again, there still seem to be nodes that do that for those same items I just mentioned (and would like to not keep accumulating tons more of), so I'm not sure why this change doesn't apply to those.... I thought this change was going to apply to all item nodes.
  • Xenith22Xenith22 Registered Users, Member 12 Posts
    Meh, I play 3 other similar games to this one.  Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, Marvel Strike Force, and Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem.  Do you know what all of them have in common?

    Multiple items, and even items and characters on the same nodes!  In not one of those games does the existence of other things on the same node negatively effect the drop rate of anything else on that node.  In all of those game everything has the exact same individual % drop rate on every node in the game.  Thus you can get different kinds of gear or even character shards on the same pull.  It's not an either or situation.  It's a significantly more player friendly way of doing things that pretty much every other successful game (to my knowledge) had figured out.  Maybe this will be news to Glu unlike those other developers...but PLAYERS HATE GEAR FARMING.  HATE IT!  If you don't believe me then put that question in your next survey.  Or even just ask your players if they would rather use their energy farming characters or gear and see what the response is.  I'm pretty sure I know what direction that landslide will go... Honestly even on the double drop gear days I'd be quite curious what percentage of players still used most of their energy farming characters instead?

    That doesn't mean gear farming is not a part of every game of this nature, because it obviously is.  It has to be, both to ensure progression isn't too rapid, and of course to bait players into spending real cash to avoid it.  But what the other games do is make it a somewhat more tolerable experience by putting multiple things on a node.  Maybe I didn't get the unique I was looking for today, but at least I got a couple shards of a character that I may not have bothered to farm yet  (There's probably no less that a dozen characters in SWGoH that I probably wouldn't have bothered farming when I did if they weren't sharing a node with important gear), but might be useful eventually.  Or a piece of a different gear that as a early-midgame player has a ton of low level toons that still may need it.    To me it seems incredibly dumb suggesting we accept the notion that something like a Heart Dust can't share a node with a Droplet/Essence without reducing the rate of said Droplet/Essence or that an Essence can't be on the same node as a character without reducing the Characters rate.  That's not how it has to work or does work in pretty much every other similar game for a very good reason.
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