Do events repeat?

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I'm assuming that, some way or another, these characters will be available again. I'm just wondering if it's going to be in the exact same form. If I'm really interested in, say, Woody and Bo, should I be grinding up Buzz Lightyear for next time?

If so, is there any known time frame for how often they repeat?

Thanks in advance!


  • DisneyNerd202DisneyNerd202 Registered Users, Member 6 Posts
    I'm sure they'll repeat eventually, I'm starting to become increasingly familiar with how mobile games do these kinds of events, and the items/characters/etc. that come with them inevitably come back around one way or another.
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    They’re on a sort of rotation, at some point when all other events have happened it’ll circle back around.
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    Yeah, we're back at Onward, so it's safe to say that the events cycle around. Not sure on frequency, but I downloaded the game near the end of March and that's when the Onward event dropped, so I wanna say every month and a half you'll see the same event (unless a brand new one is added to the cycle).

    I also wanna say, and I'm hoping, that Aladdin is next because we all need Fowl Play so we can abuse it in PvP, Sorcerer's Tournament, and Club Conquest haha
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