30 bucks for THIS?

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If you're going to charge an insane amount of money for a character pack, at LEAST make the character worth while. Sven is absolutely HORRENDOUS and useless and you charge 29.99 for this useless character. 

My daughter plays this game as well and I said I'd let her choose a character to buy. Shame on me for not thoroughly checking on what she wanted but I didn't think Sven would be this useless. Easily the worst character in my inventory. 

Obviously you cant make overpowered characters in the shop to prevent pay to win, but Sven is pointless. Please change this and stop baiting kids on cool characters that are worthless in the game.


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    I think it's far too soon to say that Sven is useless. Sure as a plug and play character he is not good.  He doesn't hit hard, only has a weak self heal, and has only a small chance chance of assisting (although double that of Sorcerer Mickey) and gaining lost buffs   He is not meant to be a plug and play character!.  Quite obviously if you read his kit, he is meant to be paired with Kristof and is at his best on a full Frozen team.  He has guaranteed assist on all Kristofs attacks, he heals Kristof (who is the teams taunting tank), and he gains bonus offense for each Frozen team mate (which may even include the Trolls that Kristof summons)  We still don't even know what Anna, Elsa, or Olafs kits are and how they could possibly interact with his abilities.

    Also he is pretty much guaranteed to be required for either the first or second tier of the upcoming Frozen event.  So having him at a higher star level will mean you are starting that much further ahead in the event.  That's the primary reason that anyone is buying him.

    Is he worth $30?  I don't know.  Personally I don't think any character in the game is worth that kind of real money.  But to each their own.  The $30 price for 50 shards of an event/marquee character is pretty much in line with the going rate of other games like MSF, SWGoH, DC Legends, etc.   If a person is going hard for the Frozen team, then maybe it is worth it to them.  If you don't want the Frozen team and wanted a good solo character it's no ones fault but your own for not looking at his readily available kit in the Roster screen before making a purchase and having buyers remorse...
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    Unfortunately, I agree with most of the above comment. I made the rare decision to splurge on Sven and just unlocked Kristoff through club coins and character coins where they are available on the campaigns. I did this in anticipation for the Frozen event because I think they will be required to participate in it effectively. Sven is twice as useful and fun to play with paired with Kristoff. With the rest of the Frozen team added, I think that the whole team will be strong. While I do like the fact that they are considering how characters work together, I think it is unfair to charge so much money for a character that doesn’t have amazing potential on its own. It’s the nature of the business, I guess. It’s convenient that just a few days after the Sven pack came out, a Kristoff pack became available. A price drop on Sven as a single character, or a deal where you could have purchased both as a set would have been more fair for the buyer. I wish the game didn’t punish people who are willing to occasionally put money into it, it’s just discouraging. In order to ease the buyer’s remorse, I’d focus on doing club dungeons to get club coins. Kristoff is available in the club exchange, and you can also auto-win the levels with his character coins to help unlock him.
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