Unfair Play For All

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I’d like to know, is anyone else at 7* with lots of toons here. Maybe 25-30? I started just over a month ago and am now being handcuffed by GLU, and I am not able to buy packs with those coveted runes in it for characters I already have maxed.  Like the Zurg packs newly released. Mine is 7* and the packs got released to my whole team but me. I had no opportunity to purchase this pack with runes. 

Now, I know the extra cells would do nothing but give me those extra token things but, those runes, I’m not given an opportunity to compete because I can’t buy them. Not to mention already having spent tons to get here. 

I have no ability to get them in those packs and am losing ground daily.  I’ve reached out to support and been blown off by Ryobi, Del was rude as heck, Tracy and Carl. Not one listens to me and they all ignored me. Keep passing off to team and apologizing for unstable gameplay. This isn’t unstable it’s unfair!!!

If I want to spend $100 on a pack with 175 runes I can’t get anywhere else, I should be allowed to do this! And if not, I declare not fair play for all as promised and would like to know how you think as a company, with sinking stocks, and poor customer service, you will succeed ignoring people that are wanting to throw money at you?! This is one of the worst experiences I’ve had and the very first time I needed to post on a forum to hopefully be heard. Even your discord, your OFFICIAL DISCORD, didn’t assist me. 

If anyone from the company sees this, please, answer me, talk to customer care, help me help you. Stop brushing me off, clean your house and let the people have what they want and pay for!

Notice I didn’t even mention about the sorcerers stones you have left in the game or the thousands upon thousands of these same runes I don’t even have access to buying that some people have stockpiled?! 

This whole thing is a mess and the very least you can do is help someone who’s spent well over many salaries in a month, on your game. Help!!!


  • KoreanStepmomKoreanStepmom Registered Users, Member 55 Posts
    Sephiroth1997: *wants to spend money*
    Rest of us: *wants this game to just function normally*
  • Sephiroth1997Sephiroth1997 Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    Can’t stabilize your f2p experience without someone paying bills right? Thank you for your comment. How about telling devs 
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    I'm just as frustrated with the game as you are haha I just don't feel inclined to spend on a game that's gradually worsening due to sh*tty developers not knowing what to prioritize. Once the game actually stabilizes, you bet your ass I'll be dropping cash for it, but until then, I hope you're able to purchase the Zurg pack.

    *if you check all the recent posts in "Bugs & Issues", you'll see that I'm very clear about how I want the developers to know their game is slowly becoming worse than games like ForkKnife. I also wrote a lengthy "grievance" in "Suggestions & Feedback", which I wouldn't be surprised if it was left unread since that's the only thing the developers of this game seem to excel at.
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    I understand your frustration. Our Club is made up of about 3 tiers... Big spenders, lite spenders and non spenders. Everyone understands that spending money might not be 'better', but it sure is 'faster'.
    I would imagine that there is SOME logic to it, like the VIP tab in the Exchange only refreshing once a week.
    We can buy the coveted Red Rundes, and some threads, there... but only once a week so someone obviously decided that there's only so much 'Pay to Win'. There's a paywall on what they'll let us spend,even if we want to.
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    You know what a pay wall is right?
  • duckwithadarksideduckwithadarkside Registered Users, Member 23 Posts
    Thatnisnt a wall. It's just really slow.
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