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So the name says it all... MushuMouse... I am not "new" per se but am new to the forum. I will tell you why I am here, I am invested in the game and want to start learning more of the tricks of the trade and playing with others. I am part of a group, but there is not communication that I can see amongst the members and so at some point I do want to "trade up". Also under Lifetime Quests there is the "STRENGTH IN NUMBERS" quest where you build up the friend's list. I don't go adding folks willy nilly so the 15 "friends" I have are in the aforementioned group but I would like to expand. So, long and short I look forward to being active here and getting to know you. Hopefully talk to you soon.

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    Well if you're still looking for a club

    We aren't very chatty (aside from me)  but a good club and work well together , growing club, active in conquest and dailies, 43 active players some f2p some spenders.

    Check us out.. Here Comes the Smolder

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