Hackers in pvp arena

ElsaJeanElsaJean Registered Users, Member 17 Posts
I've faced a few players in pvp arena that can end the battle when they see they're going to lose and it doesn't count as a win or loss. Normally if you disconnect it autos the rest of the battle and still counts as a win or loss, but not here. It also always happens when their last unit is about to die and is obviously not a coincidence. Others have noticed the same thing as me.

If you can't stop them from doing this a quicker fix may be to let players see their pvp arena match history, so they can find the players' names and report them.

This may be unrelated, but the last player who did this had the sorcerer stone things that only a few beta players have. Since they're so rare maybe they hacked to get them, but maybe not I don't know.


  • IzzualIzzual Registered Users, Member 24 Posts
    I wouldn't say it has anything to do with sorcerer stones however yesterday it happend to me 8 times out of 12 matches was  just trying to get my 10 trophies it was brutal. Exactly as you said disconnected right when they were about to get a loss and the match didn't resume for me.  One guy even gave some spam emoji laughs before dissapearing.
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