Content Update 5/27/20 – NOT LIVE

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New Characters:

Anna - Grants allies Haste, Speed Bar, and Magic and has a defensive Leader ability

Olaf - Quirky support. Charms enemies and can revive self, extends allies helpful effects

Where to find them:

Olaf: Grand 4L

Anna: Heroes Elite 4D (Replacing Hopper), Villains Elite 5B (Replacing Kronk)

Premium Exchange: Olaf and Anna

Tournament Exchanged: Added Anna, Removed Monterey Jack

Olaf will also be in the Grand Campaign Chest, both will be in the Ultimate 1x/5x/10x Chests, and both will be in the Loyalty Chests for the appropriate levels (Olaf for levels 15+, and Anna for levels 26+)

Spell Changes:

"After careful review of spell effectiveness in battle, we've found that a number of them were becoming far too much of a determining factor in a battle's outcome than desired. The intent of Spells is to be complementary to a team's strategy and not the runaway star of the show. By making this change, we can better ensure that team strategies can be fully realized with opportunities for counter play."

Splash Mountain


Splash Mountain Soak now only reduces the available Magic charge on a random ability (lvls 1 -3) on the PRIMARY target opponent

Final upgrade affects all abilities on the Primary target opponent only.

Debuff extension and damage still affects all opponents.

Thunder Mountain Boom –


Thunder Mountain Boom spell no longer charges while a previous instance of its effects are still in play against any opponent character.

Mortal Potion –


Changed to single target spell with AOE Damage

If Hades is a teammate, create copy of Continuous Damage on primary target

Fowl Play –


No longer affects Taunt

Only purges and copies helpful effects from primary target, and purges and copies X helpful effect(s) instead of all

If Jafar if on your team, he will automatically gain a copy of Purged helpful effects

More Aladdin teammates increase the amount of purged helpful effects that get applied to your team

Blue Fairy Magic –


Blue Fairy Magic now only affects a single character

Now properly gives Speed Meter fill to a character IF a harmful effect was removed

No longer applies a heal-over-time effect.

Peanut Pummel –


Peanut Pummel now only applies Blind to the primary target.

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    First of all, IMHO if you REALLY want to fix spells being too prominent in battle start by reducing the damage of ALL spells (except maybe Triggers tower) by up to 50% in competitive modes (PVP/Arena/Conquest).  Leave their damage values as is for all PVE content (Campaigns/Events/Challenges/Dungeons).

    As far as the actual changes.  Yeah...these spells weren't just hit with a nerf bat, they were hit with a freaking lead bat.   I mean sure some of them DEFINITELY needed to be looked at especially Peanut Pummel. 

    Dumbo was beyond broken (in PVP/Arena modes.  Honestly would be super nice if you could just change it for those competitive modes but leave it alone for challenges/dungeons/campaigns)  but changing it to single target is a vast over reaction.  It should either only be guaranteed on the first target with a chance to effect others for 1 turn, or guaranteed to effect more targets (like primary and a random 50% of remaining enemies) at higher levels.  Otherwise you've just made it completely useless where the only time anyone will ever use it is in Club Conquest when they have nothing else left.

    Same goes for Splash Mountain, where the only truly OP thing about it was level 4 when it effected all abilities of all enemies.   A single target only effect has made it pure garbage.  Like Peanut Pummel it should at least effect more people at higher levels but not everyone.  At level 4 I think it would have even been fine to have it effect everyone with only the primary target having all abilities magic levels being effected, while the rest have it just be one random lost charge (or even put that at 50% chance to happen per enemy would still be better than nothing).

    Fowl Play was mostly fine, if anything needed nerfed about it, it's that it deals double damage to any other spell....  The copying taunt always seemed like an oversight so fixing that is fine.  But at worst it should still purge all flanking opponents but only copy the primary.

    Blue Fairy Magic at the very least should still be a team cleanse with the chance of harmful immunity at Level 4.  The speed gain should absolutely only be primary target.  Buff flip doesn't seem like as big of a deal, if you want to make it single target only I guess that is okay, or even just make it a % chance for everyone to gain the buff flip and harmful immunity.  Removing the healing over time seems completely unnecessary especially if we are talking single target only, at most limit the healing over time to 1 effect instead of per damage effect flipped.

    Thunder Mountain still feels broken.  The guaranteed stun should just be a chance to stun.  Also is it still removing magical charges on all abilites of everyone at level 4?  Because how is that much better than what Splash Mountain used to be besides the slim chance to cleanse it in a turn.  (It's not like there are a ton of team cleanses in the game...and you just killed one of them in Blue Fairy.  The only other way around it is to have an evade at time of explosion.)

    Also you somehow missed Bucket of Soldiers...Again the proposed PVP mode damage nerf of all spells would fix it.  But if you're probably not doing that or refuse to nerf the damage of just this spell (Even just PVP would be something.  I'm fine with letting people abuse it in every other game mode Campaigns, Events, Dungeons, etc. I'd argue even Arena/Club Wars aren't as big of a deal since the AI is not always smart enough to focus fire the right target like a human, plus in those modes you can choose to attack someone else or bring stuff designed to deal with it.  But it completely ruins PVP!) to make it more reasonable there are still other ways to fix it.  I get that people paid money for it. (Although I thought Foul Play was also included in $ packages and you changed that...)
    But broken is broken...  The first option is for it to simply not be infinite  Put X number of soldiers per bucket and once its empty it goes away and you have to wait for a new one to charge up and place.  So for example at level 1 you have 10 soldiers.  At level 2 maybe 12-15,  level 4 18-20.
    Option 2 would be to simply reduce the health of the thing.  We are talking about a PLASTIC bucket.  Make it at least 50% easier to kill, maybe just a little sturdier than the horned kings cauldrons instead of tankier than actual tank toons like it currently is... Honestly it's not even like we even see the health stats of spells when we look at them or buy them.  So it really wouldn't be false advertising for you to decide to change its HP....
  • SubtleSaintSubtleSaint Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    It's an absolute joke that you didn't touch bucket of soldiers while nerfing the only other viable PvP spells used to counter them.

    There needs to be compensation for those of us that leveled up these spells.  And start figuring out whatever compensation you're going to issue when you change Bucket of Soldiers.  Cause you're going to have to change it...I'm sure I am not the only player that isn't going to spend  another dime until you do.
  • Donch819Donch819 Registered Users, Member 21 Posts
    edited May 2020
    Bucket of Soldiers is by far the most game changing spell I’ve come across so far.  I’m level 43 and have 12 unlocked, but not Soldiers.  Not even addressing that spell is a BIG MISS.  I don’t even understand the Prince John Taxes spell but this is more about you/them not addressing Soldiers.  Y’all need to address why that was left as is?  Or, make it mineable so we can all add it in time.....spells is one of the things I mine every day and that only being a limited time event along with it being ridiculously game changing is now a real reason to not pay to play anymore.  I won’t threaten to stop playing because I enjoy the game enough to sign in every day and collect freebies....but I too will stop spending.  The power of Soldiers needs to be lessened or you need to add it be mineable.  Cmon, think....
  • jtrav1jtrav1 Registered Users, Member 6 Posts
    Agreed. Anyone with eyes can see this forum could be renamed CHANGE THE BUCKET OF SOLDIERS. Somehow still developers wouldn't notice. Anyways thanks for nerfing all the counter spells I guess? Great work guys...
  • Donch819Donch819 Registered Users, Member 21 Posts
    I decree this entire forum is now here to for renamed “Bucket of Crickets” in honor of admin response/attention.  That is all.  Carry on.  Tap tap tap....this thing on.....?.....Buehler?....
  • Donch819Donch819 Registered Users, Member 21 Posts
    Oh, and this entire game should just be renamed “Buy these certain toons, and you will be unbeatable, no matter your level or power!”......baddum bum....I’ll be here all week folks....try the veal.....tip your waitress......
  • IzzualIzzual Registered Users, Member 24 Posts
    edited June 2020
    What range are u guys in PvP just curious because as I finally started climbing up in rankings I am seeing far less BoS where it was at once on every single team I faced now its a rarity.  In fact when I run into it now I usually just ignore it completely, it hasn't been the deciding factor in a win or loss for me.
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