Crit Damage Stones Needs Reworked

DjizzleDjizzle Registered Users, Member 17 Posts
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Stones are back, starting with the three associated with this event. The recovery, power, and crit damage stones. I can’t help but to wonder why crit damage stones are at the same percent as the power stones when it only pertains to critical attacks. For the demand on a particular stone it would have to offer better results than perhaps any other stones for a particular circumstance/team. Why even have a stone with only crit damage buffs that matches the same percentage a power stone does when the power stone is good for any/all attacks. Not just critical damage. For critical damage stones to be real viable for a team it would need a buff in percentage up to at least 25% from the 15% on the final stone for it to be worth it over the power stone and in demand after this event otherwise no one will care to use it/invest in it moving forward


  • IzzualIzzual Registered Users, Member 24 Posts
    Don't think that'll balance anything out  If you want 25% crit just get all 3 crit stones lol .
  • ElsaJeanElsaJean Registered Users, Member 17 Posts
    Yeah pretty much all the stones are useless except speed because the mechanics of this game make speed insanely OP, but the crit damage ones are mathematically useless which is pretty funny.
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