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PrincessKatePrincessKate Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
As a club co-leader, it would be great if we could more easily sort through member stats to determine if a member should be kicked. It would be great if we could export the stats in the system into Excel or csv so leaders could crunch data more efficiently. It's difficult to determine which club members are not donating and which are just new without toggling through multiple filters.


  • KoreanStepmomKoreanStepmom Registered Users, Member 55 Posts
    It only took me 10~15 minutes to check donation amounts and join dates for all 49 of my club members. This would not really be feasible nor practical as the amount of work it would take to draft the code for that would be borderline wasteful. Seeing as how this app is plagued with a lot more serious issues, despite how cool that actually would be.
  • LaikaDreamLaikaDream Registered Users, Member 8 Posts
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    Suggestion in relation to this topic.

    I am currently a co leader and it would be extremely helpful for leadership or even the whole team to see participation of team members in Club Conquest.

    We find it is easy to see who is participating in everything else (club dungeon, donations and last log in).  It would make a world of difference for us to be more competitive.  If we have people not helping our team in Club Conquest, we'd love to know. 
    ***meaning who has actually done attacks during the attack phase.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.
  • PrincessKatePrincessKate Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
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    Agreed! I recently found out a member registered for the club conquest, but had no defensive teams set up at all. Potentially reaping 3 conquests worth of rewards for no work.
  • KimberleyBossKimberleyBoss Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    I am currently a leader of a club that I created at launch. I understand this game is still being developed as time goes on but I agree with the suggestions here. It’s very difficult to understand who in our club is actively contributing to the team week in week out. Not enough information is available to leaders and co-leaders as to whether or not club member are pulling their weight in the club. 

    I think there are 3 true factors to see if there is a benefit of them being in the club. 
    1. Do they do daily PvP
    2. Do they do the daily club dungeons
    3. Do they do CC to the fullest which is the one we have no insight on. 

    Currently we can see things such as “last check in” or “summoner score” etc but it would be good to have reports available at hand on each of the factors mentioned. 
    Just like “last check in” you can have an option put forward where by you select “daily PVP battles complete” and it would filter automatically who has done the most and who’s not. Same applies for “club conquest contribution battles” where we can oversea instantly who has battled and who hasn’t and even how many defences are set by each club member etc!
  • IzzualIzzual Registered Users, Member 24 Posts
    Well you can see all of the defenses that are set as a leader or coleader, totally not efficient but it's there.  

    Also you do get notified of who wins an attack so at least you have some info could it be better yes but as someone said earlier there's plenty of other stuff to work on. 
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