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Gizmo's Tech Training Event incoming! Battle to earn Gizmoduck Tokens!

Black Cauldron 35th Anniversary celebration incoming

Mor'du Wilds Trial incoming - lowered Gear and Character requirements


**Character Refresh**

**Scrooge McDuck**

  • Special A (Money Dive):
    • If Gizmoduck is a teammate, then gains X helpful effect with duration of Y (if applicable) on start of this ability.
  • Special B (Number 1 Dime):
    • Changes: Effects now apply to Scrooge and adjacent teammates.
  • Passive A (Tougher than the Toughies):
    • Starting cooldown reduced to 2



  • "Tech" Category added
  • Basic:
    • Additions: Chance for extra attack increased by 5% per Tech teammate [Unlocked at upgrade level 2]
  • Passive:
    • Additions:
      • On Spawn and on end of turn, Quorra and Quorra's avatar have 20% chance per Tech Hero teammate to gain 1 Evade up to a max of 3. This character should not gain Evade on turn when stunned. [At base level]
      • Quorra does 10% bonus damage per Evade. [At base level]
      • Avatar gains 5% bonus Health per Tech teammate [At base level]


**Darkwing Duck**

    • "Tech" Category added
    • Basic:
      • Additions: On Critical Strike, Purge 1 Helpful effect. [At base level]
    • Special A:
      • Additions: 20% Chance per Tech teammate including Darkwing to purge 1 Helpful effect from affected opponents. [At base level]
    • Special B:
      • Additions: Generate 1 Magic for all abilities for Gizmoduck, Generate 1 Magic for all abilities for 1 other random Tech teammate. [At base level]
    • Passive:
      • Additions:
        • Now ALSO activates when Health falls below X%.
        • Now guaranteed to activate, not based on a chance.
        • Cleanses all Harmful effects from this character
        • Increase this character's Speed Meter by X% per Tech teammate.
        • If Gizmoduck is an ally, gain Undefeatable. X% chance to gain Evade.
    • Added speed stat to 1 piece in Tier 3, Slot 3 - previously was just health
      Added speed stat to 1 piece in Tier 5, Slot 3 - previously was just health


·        "Tech" Category added


·        Passive:

o   Additions: Grants 20% speed meter fill to 2 random Tech Teammate(s) [At base level]



  • "Tech" Category added


**Sgt. Calhoun**

  • "Tech" Category added



  • Premiere Tank for the Tech team
  • Gains shield from special and passive
  • Protects his team with taunt and inflicting blind on opponents
  • Leader ability gives Crit Chance, with Tech teammates also gaining Shield from Crits.
  • Has synergies with Tech, Darkwing, and Scrooge


  • Updated to be a main damage dealer for the Tech Team
  • Agile attacker that gains Evade on turn end and deals increased damage per Evade.
  • Chance to gain Evade and Avatar Health increase per Tech teammate.


  • Updated to be a control focused damage dealer for the Tech team.
  • Disrupts enemy team by Purging Helpful effects with an increased chance per Tech teammate
  • Can grant Magic for abilities to Tech teammates.
  • Passive now activates more consistently, on more conditions, and adds survivability.
  • Has strong synergy with Gizmoduck


  • Specific synergies with Gizmoduck added, making him a good choice for control or additional damage within a Tech team.


**Node Shuffle**
- Quorra (5-A, previously Sheriff)

- Sgt Calhoun (Moved Up 5-H, previously 6-H)
- Sheriff of Nottingham (3-J, previously 5-A)
- Darkwing (Moved up 4-D, previously 6-A)



VIP Exchange New Items

Darkwing Duck Unlock change – Now Unlocks at 2*

Sgt. Calhoun unlock change – Now unlocks at 3*


**Bug Fix**

Character A will not Counterattack if opposing Character B applied a disabling effect to Character A, on Character B’s turn


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  • Scar0529Scar0529 Registered Users, Member 32 Posts
    This is so exciting!!! Huge childhood flashbacks right about now. Can't wait to play and unlock Gizmo and have a cool team with Darkwing and hopefully at some point Launchpad McQuack is added. Would also love to have some villians from the show come aboard. Thank you for the update Meathead I know you work hard and keep up the good work........Let's get dangerous!!!!!!!
  • PeterPenPeterPen Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    Awesome update for the Tech fans!  But, why is Quorra not in the DownTown Hero any more please?
  • miked30miked30 Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    Glad for the update but noticed that characters affected by stun/sleep can still evade. Is that something that can also be looked into?
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