Get rid of turn limit and add a forfeit feature to PvP

GtsVashGtsVash Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
With most strategy and RPG games the whole design is around out playing your opponent. Certain team comps use stall tactics, others use quick destroy types. Recently I was in a stall match against a Frozen team that was taking a little while, but eventually I turned the fight around and got rid of Kristoff to stop his army. At this point I now just have to finish off all the little guys on the field while I still have most of my team going. I take out one and then the match ends in my loss due to turn limit reached. I was going to win that match, the enemy did not ever really stand a chance of winning since they were dealing no damage to me, only building up Kristoff's defenses while he kept spawning trolls. If I at any point felt that I could not win I would gladly hit a forfeit button and move on to the next match, however I toughed it out and with patience was about to win until the game decided his stall tactic was clearly the victor. This game should not punish people for sticking to the fight, also it should not reward people for just wasting time without actually defeating other characters.

TLDR; Stall teams should not win due to turn limit reached if they will eventually lose, add a forfeit button in PvP for those who don't want to sit in a stall match all day.


  • MrkittyheadMrkittyhead Registered Users, Member 27 Posts
    I completely agree. I have had the same thing happen to me before I got the Frozen team. Elsa kills off some of those little guys really quickly, but if you don’t have her they can be very difficult to kill in the turn limit, and gets to a certain point where I just want the battle to end. This would save a lot of time.
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    Or you can just ignore the extra characters off the winning condition
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