Suggestion: Alternative use for potions

clumsykyoclumsykyo Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
I think by now everyone knows potions are rather useless. I want to suggest another use for them - alchemy

It would be nice if players could use potions to enchant or change gear like maybe 5x a day. So for example. Spend a certain number of potions to change one type of broom to another. Or maybe upgrade one gear to another, so maybe a broom to a fiber. 

This would make potions relevant and sort after again. Right now it's only use is negligible and not a factor in the game. 


  • MrkittyheadMrkittyhead Registered Users, Member 27 Posts
    Yes, I agree, but if this does get put in I think you should need a good bit of potions to do this so it’s not too easy.
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