upgrade challenge IV = bugs bad domage enemy

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    This has been happening to me for a month. I attempt level 4 for the ability upgrade summoners  challange and the AI is broken to the point they are killing my team within the first round of turns even though my team is level 44 and the suggested team level is 40. I don't even get to attack because the AI is doing 10000 + damage each (all of them, not just the Tron leader chick). I beat all the other level 4 challenges before I hit level 35 and am close to being able to beat level 5 challenges in some of them. Please fix this!!! Its been a bug for such a long time I have missed out on weeks of upgrade material because I am stuck with level 3 prizes. If this isnt fixed soon im not putting any more money into this game because it apparently isn't being used to make the game better. 
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    So happy this is fixed already! Thanks, Glu! I just finished until the last Upgrade Challenge.
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