Nerf Hiro

DrZDrZ Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
Hiro Hamada is simply too powerful in this game.
It is one of the faster support characters that gives himself and others speed boosts and turns while also giving his entire roster evasion, effectively invalidating someone else's turns.
Every single team uses Hiro. This is insane.
Please consider the following:
1. Reduce Hiro's passive speed increases to be more in line with Kingdom or Mythicals.
2. Increase the magic cost of Hiro's support abilities by 1 magic. How is giving someone else another turn on such a low cooldown let alone his multi evades? 
3. Other characters like Mulan have magic deficits for some abilities. Please consider doing so for Hiro's support abilities, at least the speed meter. Or make it load with charges like with Gantu. 
4. Remove or rework how evasion works. If it was a buff that increases the character's chance to evade and was countered by precision, it would make sense and be somewhat balanced. Now, it just invalidates any attack or effect including sorcerer spells like the dynamites. If reworking evasion is too much, make this spell only affect 1 other character only. Tinkerbell is on par with this, why does hiro have such a huge advantage?

Situations that caused me to write this:
1. I have had hiro kill Gantu and Simba on my team all by himself simply because his turn speed increase and evasion nullified all my attacks and he kept taking 2-3 turns before I could act each time.
2. If I don't use a team with a speed lead, I lose upwards of 10 turns at the beginning before i can even act.
3. If I don't have at least 2 characters that attack the entire group, hiro's evasions will stack so fast that my team simply cannot attack the opponents at all.

Heck, I use Hiro and it makes for a very boring game since everyone plays him. Every game starts with: alright I gotta silence his hiro, he will get an evasion up so my first 5 turns are spent working around that... It makes for very stale play...


  • simmiosimmio Registered Users, Member 6 Posts
    I say we just remove Hiro and his teammate from the game. Honestly the movie isn't giving off much Disney/Pixar vibes..  More of a universal studios vibes tbh. Movie wasn't good. Also I think its very weird how the big hero 6 team can cause harmful effects on such a larges scale, also granting the whole team immunity is so unfair. This trully is the worst thing that has happened to this game. 
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